Monday, November 29, 2010

So this is wat it looked like after the so called "blizzard" LOL give me a break it snows like this all the time in Utah, come on people, all though it was nice I got my husband for an extra two hours so that was a plus!!! And we got to play out in the snow all three of us together, except for some reason it wouldn't let me download all the pictures. So its just these three... ENJOY
The snow doesn't look that deep in this pic but it really was. I wanted to put Nena in the snow to show how deep it really was but it litterally would have been up to her neck.

This one is not after the blizzard, it was just the first snow of the year for us...

And this was nena knocked out after all the fun and a long warm bath and warm hot koko... I just love her so much she is so cute sleeping!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Flashback moment...

So I couldn't sleep the other night so I put in "Letters to Juliet" for all of you who haven 't seen the movie stop reading I'm about to ruin it for you... lol sorry. At the end of the movie when Charlie climbs to his "Juliet" (Sophie) to confess his love for her and he says, I'm madly in love with you or something along those lines, well here is where the flashback moment came into play: The first time my husband said that he loved me was when we were laying down and talking and I said, "There is something I need to say to you but not really sure how to say it" and he gets up and looks at me and says, " I'm not afraid to say it, I'm madly in love with you!!!" and thats when I knew I had him forever!!! I just want to say how much I love and appreciate my husband for all he does for our lil growing family. He is the most amazing husband, father, boyfriend, friend etc. that anyone could ever ask for. I have no idea what I did to ever deserve such an amazing man. I love him so much and I am so thankful for the wonderful life and family he has given me and continues to give me every day, I love you babylove ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010


This year was our first official year of trick or treating with nena. The year before we just took her to some halloween parties and gma and gpa's house. It took her a lil bit to get the concept but when she realized all she had to do was to get candy was hold her bucket out, she had it covered form there on... lol Hope everyone had a fun halloween!!! This is the closest I have gotten dressed up since I think my freshman year lol... but at least I dressed up, right!!!
Me and mommy decided to be lil devils for a day instead of our normal angel


DADDY... Where is all my candy???